Do You Have the Skills Required to Succeed In Our Rapidly Changing and  Fast-Paced World?

Join me on my journey of developing metaskills, making money online, and living proactively. 

Are You Ignoring These Critical Skills?

Einstein supposedly said "compound interest is the most powerful force in the world."

If you've ever had to pay off a mortgage, student loans, or a credit card over a long period of time, you've experienced the painful side of compound interest firsthand.

And if you've had a personal finance class, you've seen how taking advantage of compound interest can benefit you financially.

But this isn't about your finances.

This is about your skills.

There are two types of skills:

  1. Skills that will benefit you in the short-term
  2. And skills that benefit you in the short-term and compound in the long term

The first type of skills is important, but it's the second type that will bring you the biggest benefits in the long run.

The Ultimate Compounding Skills

These compounding skills are called metaskills.

Loosely, metaskills can be defined as skills that help you acquire other skills or that can be applied to many different areas of life.

The ability to think critically is a metaskill. The ability to learn a language is a metaskill. The ability to tell a story is a metaskill. 

Creating and filtering mental models, learning how to learn, understanding cognitive biases - these are all metaskills. 

And they are a huge part for why the successful people you see are so successful.

The skills they've learned earlier in life have had compounding benefits in all areas of their life.

And the tiny compounding benefits each day resulted in huge improvements over the long term

Here's a quick demonstration by James Clear:

The Most Important Metaskill of All

One metaskill has the biggest compounding benefits over your lifetime than any other. 

It makes everything else you do much easier...

And it can be the difference between wasting or making the most of hundreds, if not thousands of hours.

What is this magical skill?

It's learning how to learn.

If you can learn faster and retain that information for longer, you automatically have a huge advantage over any of your competitors.

You can learn other metaskills faster. You can quickly learn any new technology or strategy within your industry. You can spend less time on learning and more time on living. 

The pace of innovation and new information is not slowing down and this is the only way to not only manage it, but to take full advantage of it. 

Who Am I?

I thought I was great at learning.

As a kid I once memorized a 20 move chess sequence after the instructor went through once.

I got great grades through high school, but when I got to college I realized I had no idea how to actually learn.

I memorized everything I needed to know the week before exams and promptly forgot everything after walking out of the exam room.

I managed to score well until each class started building on the knowledge you're supposed to have from the previous one.

I was spending more and more time playing catchup, scoring well on the exam, and repeating the cycle the next semester. Read more...

The Learning Experiments

It's crazy how much you can improve in only 31 days of focused effort.

And it's easy to commit to a 1 month project.

Every couple months I take on a new learning challenge and the results are posted below for everyone to see.

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