Ilya Poltavets

Hi! I'm Ilya1Pronounced like "The Iliad," but without the "d".
 and I write about freedom.

And no...

You don't have to drape an American flag over your shoulders...

Or yell out "Muh Freedom!" every time someone on Capitol Hill passes a policy you don't like.

This is about a different kind of freedom.

The freedom you create for yourself, despite your origins, external events, or other things out of your control. Specifically:

Financial freedom, freedom of thought
and freedom of self. 

Now... I can't tell you exactly what to do to reach freedom. 

That'd go against the entire "Freedom of Thought" thing, don't ya think?

Instead, I'll run my own experiments and share the results here so you can make your own conclusions.

Sometimes (most times), I'll build on top of content from great writers and thinkers that came before me. 

Sounds good?

Awesome, glad to have you on board!

Psst. Hey you! Want some candy?

I don't have candy or a white van, but I do have skills. A very particular set of skills that I put to work every Friday when I craft my newsletter. It's called Freedom Friday and it goes over thought-provoking blog posts & videos I discovered the week before + other cool stuff.

It's short, actionable, and surprise surprise, is a newsletter you won't delete the second it hits your inbox.

Oh... You want to know what I'll be writing about?


A little slower? 

Let me try again:

  • Do you ever wonder why we avoid what's good for us, and do things that are bad for us?
  • What about if it's actually possible to make money online without being scammy or gross?
  • Or even something existential like how to make the most out of our limited time on this planet?


Well that's unfortunate because those are blog posts I'm currently working on. 

If those don't tickle your fancy, then I'm not sure if anything else I write will.

In more general terms I'll be writing about:

1. Freedom of income

Want to make 6 figures in 6 days even if you barely know how to use your computer?!?

Then you're in the wrong place.

Sure, I'll write about:

  • Separating time & money
  • Creating nearly-passive streams of income
  • And starting an online business or side hustle

But most of that will be about how I did it (or am trying to do it) and what worked and didn't work for me.

And this is because:

I don't know you.

I don't know your situation, your skills, or what you want out of life or business.

So unless we're doing 1 on 1 consulting, all I can do is share my story and hope you find it useful.

Anyway, right now my main focus is copywriting & affiliate marketing, but I'll expand this section as I learn more.

2. Freedom of thought

Every day we're bombarded with stuff trying to influence our thoughts.

Buy this! Read this!

This business is bad! This politician is good!

This food will kill you! Oh wait, no, it will make you healthy!

Thinking for yourself is more important than ever which is why in this section I'll dive into psychology, propaganda, persuasion, philosophy, and much, much more to help you think for yourself and understand why other people might have such dumb opinions. Don't worry, your opinion is the only one that's right 😉

Here's some posts from this section:

3. Freedom of self

Our brains were not made for the world we're currently living in.

They were designed to think short-term. Look for quick rewards because that's what helped us survive back in our hunter-gatherer days.

  • Fear helped us survive, but now it makes us feel like we're going to die when we speak in public.
  • Sugar and calorie-dense food used to be rare... But now it's everywhere.
  • Dopamine and serotonin used to signal that we did something useful, but now we're constantly surrounded by dopamine-releasing screens.

Section 2 is there to help you figure out what you want. 

And this section is here to help you work towards and achieve your goals instead of getting distracted or procrastinating. 

This is the hardest section to put into practice. There's no switch you can flip and "voila!" everything is perfect.

But it's also the most important one. 

Here's a quick taste of what to expect:

Speaking of taste... could you do me a favor?

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I feed it emails day and night, and it's still hungry!

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Wow, you're still reading?

I wasn't expecting you to get this far!

I haven't cleaned this place up in ages, give me one second. 

OK, almost there.





Phew. All set!

Since you're still reading, I'll let you in on a little secret.

I'll share with you the actual approach I'm using to achieve freedom.


It's called:

🙌The AMPLE approach to freedom🙌


You don't seem too impressed.

Alright then, I'll explain the acronym!

AMPLE stands for:

Acquiring Metaskills 

Proactive Living

And Expertise (development. Lots of silent "D"s around here)

It's deceptively simple...

Step 1: Acquire the skills required for success, no matter what you want to do.

Step 2: Choose to live life on your own terms... and figure out what that means to you.

Step 3: Find a way to contribute to the world in a way that's congruent to you and uses your unique skills.

Simple, right?

But like most important things in life... not easy.

  • What are these critical skills?
  • How do you figure out what "living life on your own terms" really means?
  • And how the heck do you pick what to focus on? What if you want to change your path later? What if you HATE what you decide to do? What if American Horror Story is a show created by Aliens to show us what will happen when they finally arrive?

Ignore that last one. Had to make sure you're still paying attention. 😉

There's a lot to cover and I don't have all the answers.

But I like to think that I have some...

But this page is getting too long....

So if you want those answers, put in your email into the box below. (It's not as rude as it's cousin above. I promise.)

You'll be subscribed to my Freedom Friday newsletter and also get one email per day for the next 7 days going over:

  • My embarrassing bathroom story (I promise there's a lesson in there).
  • Why most advice you read (even mine) is completely wrong... but still useful.
  • The most important metaskill of all. (Even Warren Buffett agrees!)
  • The 6 most important metaskills to succeed in our rapidly changing and fast-paced world
  • Why all of the parts of AMPLE living are required... and what happens when you miss one of them.
  • The number one thing to overcome to live life on your own terms..
  • The importance of "doing the numbers" when planning, dreaming, or selling. 

Congrats you've reached the end of this page! 

Here's a 🥠!

Your fortune says... 

"You will live an AMPLE live if you follow Ilya's advice... and subscribe to his Freedom Friday Newsletter"

Dang, what a smart coookie!


  • 1
    Pronounced like "The Iliad," but without the "d".
  • 2
    It's called Freedom Friday because... alliterations.