Content Samurai (Vidnami) Discount & Complete Review

Are you ready to buy Content Samurai, but just want the highest discount?

Or are you still on the fence about whether it's right for you?

I've bought the program, used it, and then bought almost every other competing VSL software out there. 


So I could once and for all help you decide whether it's right for you. 

And that's impossible to do without understanding what your other options are. 

So, strap in and get ready for a complete review that will blow your mind! πŸ˜‰

The Discount

The discounts vary from 25% to 50%. 

The 25% one is always available and you can get it anytime by clicking here, but don't do that just yet!

There are also ways of getting 50% off and saving more than $250/year!

The 25% discount is instant and the 50% off does take about 15-20 minutes to obtain. 

Quick Note: The strategy below requires you to purchase the yearly subscription. If you can't afford the yearly subscription, there's a way to get the 50% off but it might take 1-3 months of waiting. If that's the situation you're in, then click here.

Getting the 50% Discount:

The steps are super simple: (I explain this in more detail and with pictures below).

  1. ​Download the Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet - Free
  2. You'll immediately get an upsell video to buy Question Samurai. This is a tool that allows you to discover exactly what your customers are searching for on Google and YouTube and you have to buy it to get the 50% off offer. - $3
  3. You'll immediately get an upsell video to Content Samurai. This is what you want! Watch the video & you can now buy CS for 50% off yearly. - $297/year

Click Here for Step by Step Instructions and Images for the 50% Discount

1. Click here & you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

2. Click on "Get It Now" and use a real email address.

3. You will be taken to a "thank you" page with a video. DO NOT click away! Watch the video until a button appears underneath the video with a link to purchase Question Samurai. This should take about 5 minutes.

The page will look like this:

4. Go through the buying process (I won't share PayPal screenshots here).​

5. Once you buy it, you'll be taken to another upsell page. This is it! You're almost there!

This is what the page will look like:

Watch the video until a pricing table appears under the video. This should take around 7 minutes. 

Now you can buy Content Samurai for only $297 yearly!

6. But wait, there's more! 

Once you purchase Content Samurai you will be hit with yet another upsell video for Vidsy. 

Should you buy Vidsy?

It depends. Are you already a good copywriter or have fill-in-the blank video copy software? 

Then no.

Otherwise, I recommend you to at least watch the sales video. You might be able to create beautiful videos with Content Samurai, but beautiful videos don't sell if the copy isn't great.

In fact, the worst looking video with great copy will beat a beautiful video with terrible copy any day of the week. 

I understand not everyone can pay the yearly price upfront, so here's a way to get the same 50% off with a ton of bonuses while paying monthly:

If You Need To Pay Monthly:

  1. Use the email you check most frequently to sign up for the free trial.
  2. Now you have to wait. Check your email daily for an email from "Noble Samurai." They run huge discounts and bonus offers every 2-3 months or so.
  3. Once you get the email, buy it ASAP & enjoy your savings!

What is Vidnami?

Before talking about Content Samurai, I would like to discuss Vidnami because there seems to be some confusion about the two.

It's the same exact program.

Just rebranded.

From what I understand the creators wanted a more "standard" tech brand to appeal to more people and to move away from their old "Noble Samurai" roots a bit because they're not working as much on their other programs. 

That's it. 

So if you're looking for a Vidnami discount or review, this is it.

Just every time you see the phrase "Content Samurai" replace it in your head with "Vidnami." πŸ˜‰

The Review

Right after purchasing, you're sent to a "tutorial page."

There's 5 videos to watch that make using the program a breeze. 

However, if you have any experience with video-creation software, the tutorials aren't necessary it is pretty intuitive to use. 

There's 5 main steps to creating your video and they're pretty self-explanatory and easy to follow.

There's a ton you can do within each section though, so I will go through it in detail.

Note: If you prefer video reviews, you can watch my complete video review here:


First, you choose what templates you want to use for this video. These can be fully customized later, but they provide a great start. The format of the Influencer and Instant Ad templates is especially impressive as those types of videos do really well on Facebook, both as ads or boosted posts. 

Here is a sampling of the templates:

  • Social media
  • BlogS
  • Influencer
  • Ads
  • Courses
  • Property

The Influencer templates are also incredibly cool for a very unique reason.

It's the only template where the main focus of the video is a video you upload!

Basically you upload a video of yourself talking to the camera, the AI tries to figure out you're saying, and then creates the surrounding "subtitles" from it. Very cool!


This is where you input your script - whether it's a blog post, sales script, or anything else you might want to create a video about. 

I'm using a script from one of my old blog posts, which is actually a really difficult video to create using only stock videos and text. 

Keep reading to see how well Content Samurai did. 

One part that I really like is the ability to choose what exactly the AI does automatically and what you do by yourself. It's pretty good at determining keywords for each slide and putting in related videos or images, but it can sometimes get too busy so it's important to preview it (the next step) and edit the slides.

The Image Use selection is also crucial. For most of my (and I would assume your videos) you will want to have the Public Domain and Attribution boxes checked, and the Share Alike and Non-Commercial boxes unchecked.

This makes sure you don't break any laws and can use your videos for making money and for paid content.

Once you click on "Create Scenes" everything is automatically created and you have time to preview the video and edit everything you may not like within it.


You now can edit each scene, choose which videos or images you want to use within it, add your own videos before, between, or after all the slides and basically make the video your own.

I was pretty happy with the video, although there were definitely some auto-generated things I had to change because they didn't make sense to me. 

As an example, the first slide is great: 

It's a video of a girl looking overwhelmed, which is exactly what I would want here!

However, it's by no means perfect and there were some slides that looked like this:

I'm not sure what a video of a woman opening a trunk has to do with patterns or being stuck, but I'm not the one to question out AI overlords. 

Here's what the video looked like before I changed anything in it: (Without my voice in it)

And here's what it looked like after all of my edits (which took about 15 minutes):

It's not perfect, and when I made the actual video it was fully animated, but this took 1/20th of the time the animated video took. 


Once you're happy with how the scene looks it's time to add sound!

There's multiple ways of going about it. 

If you hate the way your voice sounds or don't want to use your voice you can either make a "music-only" video or have the robot voice read it for you.

There's a bunch of options for the robot voice, but Harry and Harvey sound the most natural (although obviously still somewhat robotic.)

In my opinion it's better to have no voiceover rather than a robot VO, but that decision is up to you.

You can also record the audio straight in your browser sentence by sentence, which is useful, but probably not the best option for most people due to background noise. 

I prefer to record in Audacity so I can remove the noise and edit the sound a bit so I used the "upload a voice track version."

You can upload .mp3, .aac, .mp4, .wav, or .aiff which covers pretty much every major audio format out there. 

Once it's uploaded, Content Samurai attempts to sync your voice to the text, and for me it did a darn good job of doing so! 

If you speak clearly and don't deviate from the script, most of the time the timing will be perfect.

If, however, you change a couple words within the script and/or your pronunciation isn't perfectly clear, you might have to edit the slide timing during the next step.


Time for the final touches! 

This is where you select the background music, make sure the voiceover timing is correct, and manually adjust it if needed.

There's over 30,000 music tracks available with many different mood and genre options, and you can upload your own music if you have a song associated with your brand. 

You can also watermark your video.

There are "draft, preview, and sample" watermarks that go across the entire video so if you sell videos your client can't steal and use the video before paying you.

Or you can add your own logo and branding anywhere in the video. 

I don't personally use it because on YouTube I already have the auto-branding, and I don't see a point of doing it on Facebook just yet. 

In the options tab you can adjust the volume of the music and your voiceover. 

Pro-Tip: Make sure you have "loudness equalization" off if you are on a Windows computer. Otherwise the audio will sound very different for you than it will for your viewers. To do so, go to Sounds -> Playback, double click on your main Playback device, go to Enhancements and scroll all the way down to find "Loudness Equalization." 

During the pre-view the video did lag a bit for me at first, but that's because I had so many tabs open and was editing this post while doing it.

Once I closed the most intensive tabs, the preview was very smooth.


You're done! 

Now it's time to generate & download the video! This is usually pretty fast, but I'm not sure if it happens in the Cloud or on your computer. 

Based on the performance of my laptop when it was generating, I would say it's created on your computer and then uploaded to the Cloud, so the time to generate the video will depend on your system.

It should generally be pretty quick though! 

Anywhere between 1-15 minutes is reasonable. 

One feature that's super useful here is that the program automatically takes all of the Creative Commons elements used in the video that need attribution and puts them in a link you can use. 

Very thoughtful!

Anyway, here's what my final product looked like: 

If you don't account the time it took me to write the script, the video took me 30 minutes max, which is very quick for a video like this! 

Back in the day people used to do sales letters with PowerPoint or Keynote and pressing spacebar to advance the slides, which isn't too bad, but creating the slides would take forever even if you only used text.

And if you wanted to add video, that's near impossible with old tech.

Anyway, I'm very impressed with Content Samurai and will use it for some boosted & educational video posts on Facebook and eventually on YouTube.

It doesn't fit with the branding of my current YouTube channel, but I have ideas for many others channels I haven't created because video takes so long, but maybe now I will finally make it a reality. 

The Alternatives

Obviously Content Samurai isn't the only video creation tool on the market, but is it the best?

First of all, it depends on your needs.

  • Are you planning on creating text-only VSL's?
  • Do you want to create good-looking Facebook ads?
  • Are you planning on creating videos for a YouTube channel?
  • Would you rather pay one-time for an inferior product or are you OK with paying monthly?

All of the above questions change which option might be best for you, but don't worry!

I've taken a look and actually bought almost every other tool on the market so you can get a complete comparison and know for sure what the right option for you is.

I'm currently in the process of reviewing all of the below options. 

As soon as I'm done with each software, I'll update the information below.

Let me know if there's anything else I should try other than the programs below!

I'm currently researching:

  • EasyVSL 3
  • Instant Video Wizard
  • InVideo
  • Non VSL Options: Animaker, Vyond, Powtoon (I used to have an animated video company so I'm familiar with all of these)

Content Samurai VS Lumen5

Both programs can be used for very similar purposes, but each of them has its own advantages that the other lacks.

The Quick Answer:

If you're looking to create videos purely for social media, go with Lumen5. It has more stock videos, has templates and settings for Instagram stories, and is more suited to those types of videos. 

If you are looking to create mostly sales videos and some videos for social media, go with Content Samurai. It allows you to add a voiceover, is better for VSL, and has social media templates for Facebook and Instagram. 

Here's a quick comparison chart with the differences italicized and the winner bolded.

Content Samurai


AI generated Slides from Script

AI Generated Slides From Script

AI Picks Videos and Images For You

AI Picks Videos And Images For You

Can add Voiceover that autosyncs to text

No Voiceover

~800,000 stock videos

12 million - 180 million stock videos

Only Square and Horizontal Video Templates

Instagram and Snapchat Story Templates

Influencer Video Templates & Autosync

Can Upload Your Own Video, but it doesn't autosync

Unlimited Video Length

5 Minutes Maximum Video Length

Different Layouts

More Options for Layouts

7 Day Free Trial

Unlimited Free trial with lumen5 Logo

$49/month ($25 w/discount)

$29 - $199/month (Premium Plan Recommended)

The Longer Answer:

Both platforms do what they set out to do, but they have different goals. 

Lumen5 focuses purely on social media videos. Their goal is to help you increase engagement, reach more people, and create shareable videos quickly and most of its features are made for that. 

They don't allow you to create a voiceover and they can automatically create videos from your blog posts. 

Lumen5 is perfect for someone who wants to create tons of social media videos and already has blog or other content constantly being produced. 

Content Samurai focuses mostly on sales-oriented videos. Their goal is to help you quickly create video sales letters, social media ads, and videos designed to convert. 

You can use it to create social media videos, but they don't have Snapchat and Instagram story formats. They do have square videos for Facebook and Instagram and also Influencer templates so you can record a video of yourself and quickly create an ad.

If you're planning on using the voiceover feature, will be creating many VSLs, or are just starting out, get CS.

Content Samurai VS InVideo

The difference between CS and InVideo is similar to the difference between CS and Lumen5. 

However, InVideo is much cheaper than both programs and has some advantages that the other two don't. (You can read my full InVideo review here & get a 40% discount)

The Quick Answer:

If time and automatic video creation is more important to you than money, go with CS.

However, if you don't mind spending a bit more time on creating videos if you can pay much less, then go with InVideo. 

Here's a quick comparison chart with the differences italicized and the winner bolded.

Content Samurai


AI generated Slides from Script

AI Generated Slides From Script

AI Picks Videos and Images For You

Limited AI-picking capabilities

Can add Voiceover that autosyncs to text

Can Add Voiceover, but without autosync

~800,000 stock videos & Millions of Images

~1,000,000 stock videos & millions of images

Only Square and Horizontal Video Templates

Instagram and Snapchat Story Templates

Influencer Video Templates & Autosync

Can Upload Your Own Video, but it doesn't autosync

Unlimited Video Length

15 minutes/50 slides maximum length

Different Layouts

More Options for Layouts

7 Day Free Trial

Unlimited Free trial with InVideo Logo

$49/month ($25 w/discount)

$8-$48/mo (Discount code available here)

Content Samurai VS EasyVSL 3.0

EasyVSL 3.0 used to be Content Samurai's biggest competitor, but that is no longer the case. (You can read my full review of EasyVSL here.)​​​​

The Quick Answer:

If you are only looking to create simple VSL videos and want something cheap, then get the lifetime EasyVSL plan. (I explain how to do it in my review.)

Otherwise get CS. It has a lot more features, is less buggy, and while it does offer a bit less customization for positioning elements within the video, you'll likely use it much more.

Here's a quick comparison chart with the differences italicized and the winner bolded.

Content Samurai


AI generated Slides from Script

Slides created from Script based on your selection

AI Picks Videos and Images For You


Can add Voiceover that autosyncs to text

Can Add voiceover that autosyncs to text

~800,000 stock videos. millions of stock images

No stock videos. millions of stock images

square and horizontal in full HD

only 1280x720 videos avaiable

Influencer Video Templates & Autosync

Can Upload Your Own Video, but it doesn't autosync

Unlimited Video Length

Unlimited Video Length

Different Layouts

Can move everything around as you please

7 Day Free Trial

No free trial

$49/month ($25 w/discount)

$97 upfront & $9.99/mo. OR $197/year. OR $67 onetime